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Kaspersky VPN crashing game even with split tunneling

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Hello, i got kaspersky vpn a few days ago and i started noticing that whenever i tried to play genshin impact, the game was automatically shutting down, there was no error message or anything, and then i just turn off vpn, it works just fine. I added split tunneling to not use vpn on genshin, and i've heard i need to add at least all those 3 versions, i even added the QtWebEngineProgress because it's also genshin related thing, and it still keeps crashing, i find it annoying to always shutdown vpn and turn on again, so i'd like to know if there's anything i can do to solve this.

My app version is: (b)

My OS is: Microsoft Windows 11 Core x64 Build 22621


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@Bernynot yet, since it was due to vpn being on, i thought about trying to see if anyone knew if it was something wrong or not, since it's the first time i actually use vpn, i'll try to contact them now, and update here in case of any answer

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