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Kaspersky Security Cloud Free install begins to install the paid version.


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Hello !! I have a problem with KSC free, I try to install the free version and every time it begins to install the personal (paid) version, I have download it from the global site and from the usa site, same result. The free version is not available anymore ??

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Hello @bep1995,


  • We installed Kaspersky Security Cloud Free → video 
  1. We downloaded Kaspersky Security Cloud Free from Kaspersky downloads, we selected Global → image 1 & 2. 
  2. After the installation completes, it’s necessary to enter your MyKaspersky account email address or allow the Kaspersky Security Cloud install process to create an account for you, image 3: note: Kaspersky Security Cloud protection is disabled → grey Kaspersky icon, until this step is completed. 
  3.  After entering the email address, the Kaspersky Security Cloud install process may invite you to try Kaspersky Security Cloud Premium → image 4, we did not select this option today. 
  4.  Kaspersky Security Cloud Free after activation, the GUI will show the email address associated with the application, censored grey in our image 5. 
  5. Kaspersky Security Cloud Free Notification screen & Support screen → image 6










Three small tips → image 6

  • In all Kaspersky software, wherever you see a small question mark → circled red in our images, selecting the ? will open Kaspersky help document specific to the page of the GUI in question. 
  • Whenever you reach out to Kaspersky Community, it’s very helpful to tell us System name, version & build, Kaspersky product name, version & patch → highlighted green in image 6; clearly today the Kaspersky info would not have been available, it’s a tip for the future🙂
  • Kaspersky Security Cloud Free has no Kaspersky Technical Support → highlighted red in image 6. 

  1. Please show us a video of the process you’ve used?

Thank you🙏


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