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Kaspersky said that i have a trojaner, but im not sure if it is just a wrong warning


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Yesterday i opened a game on my Pc that i play everyday since a half year. A few seconds after i opened it, Kaspersky internet security said that i have a trojaner on the file of the game. The trojaner got deleted by Kaspersky, but im still scared if it was a trojaner from my phone, because 2 days ago i misclicked on an add pop up. Kaspersky didnt showed any warnings on my Network. 


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On 2/28/2022 at 11:45 PM, King said:

Did it, btw i asked a developer of the game what that was and he said it was just a wrong warning

Hello, @King

CVE-2018-8174 is a Windows VBScript Engine Code Execution Vulnerability. Due to a code execution vulnerability in the VBScript script execution engine (vbscript.dll), an attacker can embed malicious VBScript into an Office file or website. Once the user accidentally clicks, a remote attacker can obtain the current user permission to execute the malicious code in the script .

My question is that Does this game need vbscript.dll? As I think, this type detection of such names has a small chance of false positives. The exploit code is visible online. Some special strings may be used to detect exploit code. So I think you should use this program carefully.


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