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Kaspersky Premium Hosts File Access.

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I have an application that needs to access the Hosts file on Windows 11. However, when I run the application, it is denied access to the hosts file by Kaspersky Premium. If I pause protection, the app works fine, it can access and write to the Hosts File. Obviously this is something I would not rather do. I cannot find any setting inside Kaspersky Premium that will allow access to the Hosts file for either a specific application or in general. We used to be able to do it but it seems that ability has either been removed or hidden.

Can anybody help please.

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I too have an application that needs to write & have access to change the Hosts file in Windows 11 Pro, 23H2.
I am running Kaspersky Premium
The app is listed in the Trusted Group in Intrusion Prevention -> Manage Applications.
If I pause protection on Kaspersky Premium the app works fine but I'd rather find a setting within Kaspersky Premium like Jeff above has mentioned.

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Managed to get it working on Kaspersky Premium so that it writes to the hosts file.
It's the Intrusion Protection Module, that's causing the issue. 
Try the following:
1)Go to.... Settings>Security settings>Intrusion Prevention>Manage Applications
2)Find your application in the list.
3)Right Click on it and go to "Details and Rules"
4)Go to "Files and System registry" 
5)From the list go to Operating System>System files>Critical Settings...and select Hosts
6)Under the "write" column select "Allow"...then save.

7)Select the Heading "Exclusions" and put a tick in the following
  Do not monitor application activity
  Do not monitor child application activity
  Do not inherit restrictions from the parent process (application)

See if that works...it did for me!!


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