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Kaspersky locked my phone

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Help. My phone locked itself just now. I have log in to Kaspersky account and have the recovery code, but there is no "I Forgot The Code" button on my locked phone. Please help.

Note : i removed my phone PIN/password before it got locked, because i need to unlocked it quickly, so there is no device's PIN or code.


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 Hello @Yogi,


  • ❌ Note, in the MyKaspersky account don’t select  Disconnect device 
  • 💡 Note, after retrieving the 16 digit Recovery code, from the MyKaspersky account, write it down💡
  • ✅ In the MyKaspersky account you need to select Use Recovery Code





On your mobile phone, you should see a screen:

  • Device is Locked. This device is locked! Please return it to it’s owner. 🔓

1 Press the open padlock🔓

The next screen should be:

  • To unlock this device, use the secret code you set in KIS, 

Select ➡I FORGOT THE CODE - if this is available 

Do not select ⚠UNLOCK - as you do not have a phone pin set

Screens you should see:





Atm, I think you are seeing this🤔

✅ You need to see this screen✅

Press padlock🔓

On this screen, select: 

I FORGOT THE CODE & enter the Recovery Code

After regaining phone access you may get this notification


  • Please show me an image of what you see on your phone?

Thank you🙏


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Hello @Yogi,

You’re very welcome!

I’m happy to hear you found my other solution and you’ve recovered your phone👏  

Before I added my gallery/instructions above, I tested the "I FORGOT THE CODE" missing  issue, it’s only available if Use Recovery Code is selected, otherwise (my) phone remained on the KIS UNLOCK screen, it’s actually a clumsy process; imo, easy to get wrong. 

Because we (hopefully) don’t need to use these emergency recovery options on frequent basis when a crisis arises it can a bit 😨 provoking.

If you don’t already do so, setup & run regular, automatic backups of all critical data, that way, if you have to wipe the phone you can recover the important stuff easily. 

Thank you🙏


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