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Kaspersky is blocking mailchimp, us4.admin.mailchimp.com/campaigns/wizard/html-beamer detected as HEUR:Exploit.Script.Generic

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Hi, part way through setting up a campaign on mailchimp, Kaspersky kicks in the error message below. I have found instructions on how to create an exception, but how can i find out if there is truly malware on the mailchimp site before creating the exception?


Prevented downloading of a dangerous object

Prevented downloading of a malicious file or other object designed to infect your computer with malware that will slow it down, break the system or lead to other problems

You were protected from downloading this object by Kaspersky security. You can close this window with no risk.

Detected: 25/02/2021 10:54:57 Hide details

Web address: https://us4.admin.mailchimp.com/campaigns/wizard/html-beamer?id=6426404

Reason: object is infected HEUR:Exploit.Script.Generic


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Hello @whyisitsohardtogethelp


  1. Use Kaspersky threat intelligence portal to scan the original URL that lead to the detection.
  2. Log a case with Kaspersky Technical Support, use the Malware, False positive template, Support may request other data, they will guide you



Please let us know the outcome? 

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋

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