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Kaspersky Firefox Addon is using 40% of CPU.

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21 minutes ago, nexon said:

Hi @Zintoki

Vitaj! ? 

1. Version 

2. Reinstall addon (remove from browser and manually install)? 

3. Reinstall KIS? 

4. If still problems contact Tech Support


Yes version (j) on Windows 11 Build 22621 and Firefox 112.0.2

I reinstalled addon and KIS but nothing works.

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I have the same problem. It is the latest version of the Kaspersky Protection Firefox Add-On ( causing the issue. I've checked 2 PC's and both are affected. The previous version of the Add-On worked fine.

I have reported the issue: ID INC000015261280

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I am also having the same problem with the latest version of Firefox and Kaspersky extensions and agents. When enabled, the extension will consume up to 70% of CPU. Restarting Firefox resolves it for a short time, but within a few hours, the same problem happens.

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Not going well with Kaspersky Support

CPU problem started for me on Monday 24th, ie date of new FF extension - I have 8 windows with 100ish tabs total that I have to reload with "Restore Previous Session"  when I repeatedly have to close and restart FF, running on i5-4690 3.5Ghz with FF Extension version

I reported this problem by chat on Monday May 1st and gave pretty clear description of how disabling and reenabling the Kaspersky FF extension reproducibly changes the CPU use by 35% approx for me. [In Windows TM with the extension enabled I see two serious CPU hogs from FF, one runs at about 25% and the other at 10%]

I was told there is no known bug for this. When I said I'd seen incident reports on this thread I was told that "information was awaited".

I was told to perform some diagnostics with first Exiting, then Pausing protection, then (if problem was stopped by Pausing) selectively disabling stuff. Oddly no warnings about risks of disabling Kaspersky while online, I did my tests with network disconnected. And also oddly no diagnostics of the FF extension requested in the script.

As Pausing the protection did not stop the problem and the diagnostic script said to do no more tests  but to advise I did that, by email later, and also added comments to restate the reproducible effect of  disabling and reenabling the FF extension.

Oddly I got a reply asking why I hadn't followed the rest of the script. So I have replied to say I followed the instructions. I've not heard back.

If I close a few windows I get less CPU use, so perhaps this is a per-tab cpu use thing and thus not seen by people with a small number of tabs open?

Anyway, it doesn't look like this is being worked on as a bug I suggest more people report it and add any useful information about number of open tabs etc.

Looking in Windows TM I also notice that FF has an "undulating" memory use that varies by several GB over 10s of minutes, I think this was happening before the CPU problem started, but it does seem to go away when the extension is disabled. This also happens even when the network is not connected.



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Well, give them one star on Firefox Extensions review and move to a different brand of AV.  I have 270 days to end of my licence and then i will just move to something less buggy with proper support.

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Dear Igor,

Very pleased to hear you have found a fix.

You don't say whether KIS installs will be updated, please confirm.

And please provide more clarity as to when it will actually be available. It is already midday in the UK, seven hours since your post above, but I see no update, will we get a version today? And are you saying that the FF extension will not update itself automatically? If so why not?

Perhaps you could also explain why your various support people, well the ones I dealt with, took so little interest in believing there was a fault within the Kaspersky FF extension, despite the various threads and posts about it here and my informing support of the other posts and providing quite detailed information. No real interest was taken in the real crux of the problem involving the FF extension, despite clear evidence that simply disabling and reenabling it was the crux of the issue and that it wasn't some more general AV issue.

It has taken two weeks to fix this since you were initially told about problems.

Overall I'm pretty unimpressed with the service I have received, and am verge of moving to Sophos. Anything you can do to persuade me to remain with Kaspersky?

Looking forward to your reply

A long-time user.




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12 hours ago, Igor Kurzin said:

The workaround is to install a newer version of the product (Kaspersky Standard/Kaspersky Plus).

@Igor Kurzin But in some regions (inc mine) is still 21.3 version so install new version ehmm. From MR4 to MR13 (current) have not been released!! Why?

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52 minutes ago, nexon said:

still 21.3 version so install new version ehmm

I think that @Igor Kurzin is suggesting an upgrade to one of Kaspersky's new products, Kaspersky Standard or Kaspersky Plus. Kasperksy Internet Security has been discontinued:


The current version of Kaspersky Internet Security is, and it is still being maintained and supported by Kaspersky during the transition to the new product line.

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@kwg no problem. I know what Igor wroted...

just emphasized that there is still no new version available for this region...

If someone asks when will be available no body knows when (Only this year or Q2) etc. 

It is maybe half year behind with releasing new products for some European and also asian regions i think. 

Should be released in same time globaly (few days weeks is acceptable delay between regions) but half year? 

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