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Kaspersky Anti Virus and VPN both on my list of installed programs but VPN not active.

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it looks like Kaspersky VPN was downloaded and installed together with Kaspersky Anti Virus on my laptop.

I only paid for Anti Virus, and have a licence only for that as far as I know, but I also see Kaspersky VPN appear on the list of installed programs.

It's not active I see when checking online with "What is my IP?" but because I have not paid for it as a separate program when I bought Kaspersky Anti Virus that is logical. But I just wonder why is it appearing on the list of installed programs.

Anyone here that can satisfy my curiosity?

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Hello @LodeHere


  • Because Kaspersky automatically installs the "free" (free = limited), Kaspersky VPN, when users install a Kaspersky Anti Virus. 
  • IF you do not want it or need it, uninstall it, or it can be changed it so it does not run unless required -> Run the application at computer startup, toggle OFF, Enable VPN automatically at application start up, toggle OFF.

Thank you?


About subscription and versions of Kaspersky VPN Secure Connection

About VPN limitations

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Thank you very much! ?

Now thanks to you I was given the gift of being able to utilze the free Kaspersky VPN. ?

The icons of both programs are now pinned on my normally visible menu, and I added the VPN icon to the toolbar. ❤️

Now I'm trying out my new tool... VPN is ON.  ?

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