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  1. Thank you very much! 😎 Now thanks to you I was given the gift of being able to utilze the free Kaspersky VPN. 😃 The icons of both programs are now pinned on my normally visible menu, and I added the VPN icon to the toolbar. ❤️ Now I'm trying out my new tool... VPN is ON. 😀
  2. Hi, it looks like Kaspersky VPN was downloaded and installed together with Kaspersky Anti Virus on my laptop. I only paid for Anti Virus, and have a licence only for that as far as I know, but I also see Kaspersky VPN appear on the list of installed programs. It's not active I see when checking online with "What is my IP?" but because I have not paid for it as a separate program when I bought Kaspersky Anti Virus that is logical. But I just wonder why is it appearing on the list of installed programs. Anyone here that can satisfy my curiosity?
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