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Is ok to use 2 method for uninstall kaspersky?


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I'm just delete kaspersky for a minute ago. I use a normal medthod to delete it. I had uninstall with control panel and i not sure is 100% deleted even in the page of app is not show kaspersky any more.so i use kavremover also and is show "removed operation finished, you need to reboot your computer".then restart my pc agian, everything is normal. Is okay that use 2 medthods to uninstall app even it completely deleted in the first medthod? I'm sorry for panic easily. Thank you

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1 minute ago, Berny said:

@Tuzsf Welcome.

The KavRemover Tool is only recommended when a normal uninstall doesn’t work. 

“Do not use the kavremover tool unless recommended to do so by Kaspersky technical support engineers”

I'm sorry to not becareful.but everything is normal after i use the kavremover, is it okay? I'm really sorry to not becareful. Please tell me 

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