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How to fix and remove "http://wpad.domain.name/wpad.dat"

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Hi I am Nathans, I need help how to fix and remove the notification from http://wpad.domain.name/wpad.dat (Application name: svchost.exe) from safe browsing, and its kinda annoying to if get that like everyday  and it can slow the internet, even I update the filmware from my routers still same to 


for all info 

User type: System user
Application name: svchost.exe
Application path: C:\Windows\System32
Component: Safe Browsing
Result description: Blocked
Type: Malicious link
Name: http://wpad.domain.name/wpad.dat
Precision: Exactly
Threat level: High
Object type: Web page
Object name: wpad.dat
Object path: http://wpad.domain.name
Reason: Databases


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