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How long will KIS be supported?

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It should be whenever the new version (Kaspersky Standard) is available for you, I think the last ETA for global release of the new products are at the end of this month but I'm not too sure, you should upgrade to the new version as soon as possible.

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But I'm still not interested in updating it at the moment.
In many countries it has not yet come out (Italy, China, Russia).

In my region it has already arrived but I still want to wait a while.

I still want to know how the new product behaves due to the doubts that arise here.

Of course, the company's goal is to quickly adopt the new product line.

In addition, the Kaspersky website writes the text attached to the image that I place, which leads to many doubts.

I would just like to know what plans Kaspersky has for keeping support and database access up to date.

Will it be a month, a year?

At my dealer they still sell old product cards.

Just wondering how long Kaspersky supports KIS?


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45 minutes ago, Igor Kurzin disse:

Hi @JPEKaspersky

KIS 21.3 will definitely be supported for more that 1 year. You do not need to upgrade to Kaspersky Standard/Plus/Premium right now, there is no urgency at all. 

 Good day @Igor Kurzin

Thank you for the precious information provided.🙂

That way I'm free to install the new version until mid-summer (when my current license ends), while I analyze the evolution of the new product line in the community.

Best regards.🙏 



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