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Hello, I’ve been experiencing multiple notifications of a ‘Download Denied’ from hostmaster.freeanalytics.com. At first this didn’t worry me but I’m extremely worried now as the description says ‘Threat Level: High’. I will put the description right here.


Event: Download denied
User type: Active user
Application name: chrome.exe
Application path: C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application
Component: Web Anti-Virus
Result description: Blocked
Type: Probability of unauthorized software download
Name: https://hostmaster.freeuseranalytics.com/bn.php?s=13&ver=3
Threat level: High
Object type: Web page
Object name: bn.php?s=13&ver=3
Object path: https://hostmaster.freeuseranalytics.com
Reason: Cloud Protection



Please help me as soon as possible.

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Hello @Sethisonkaspersky


  • ✅ Your installed Kaspersky software has blocked the download, the download was denied
  1. Read & follow all instructions posted in topic by @richbuff → Kaspersky notification of detection, file or website detected.
  2.  Read & follow all instructions posted in topic by @Danila T. → How to remove a virus from Windows PC, computer virus scan, preventing infection of the device

Thank you🙏


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