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Does KIS block Windows 10 service SMB!?

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I'm using KIS on Windows 10, does it interfere with Windows service SMB1? I am aware that SMB1 is vulnerable to WannaCry ransomware attacks. But I also need SMB1 on Windows 10 to access files on a Windows 98 PC. I wonder if KIS blocks SMB1 to prevent the virus? If so, I am looking for a workaround for accessing files on my Windows 98 PC.

Stan Hilliard

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Hello @stanhilliard


  1. Which Kaspersky Internet Security version do you have → on Windows Taskbar, rightclick the Kaspersky icon, select About  
  2. In KIS Reports, are there any SMB1 related errors? 
  3. What happens when SMB1 is used to access the files? 
  4. Post images of any errors please?

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋

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