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Device Discovery Issues

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we've noticed that not all devices in the network are being discovered during our scans, despite their active status. Additionally, the discovery results include devices that have been removed from the network previously. And also none the removed devices are present in any of the KSC groups.

Furthermore, we are currently in the process of deploying the latest versions of Network Agent and Endpoint Security via ManageEngine. Could you kindly provide us with the recommended Silent Switch commands to facilitate a smooth and efficient deployment?

We appreciate your suggestions.

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Device discovery does not always give 100% results ....
This may be due to network settings in your organization or the end user devices themselves.
You can see how it works and what is used in the detection ...here



about devices that are not on the network appearing - this is probably the work of the Active Directory survey in your domain.
The system reads out all accounts with the "computer" flag and adds them to the KSC server, regardless of whether the device actually exists.
One option is to delete or disable accounts for such devices in the AD ...


If you are using KSC, you can quickly upgrade, or deploy solutions using remote installation tasks...start here.


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@CallMeSam the best options is exactly what @ElvinE5 Suggested. but if you want to use silent keys you can either use the setup.ini file or these command switches:

/s or /qn switches with the following commands:

setup_kes.exe /pEULA=1 /pPRIVACYPOLICY=1 [/pKSN=1|0] [/pALLOWREBOOT=1|0] [/pADDLOCAL=<component>] [/pSKIPPRODUCTCHECK=1|0] [/pSKIPPRODUCTUNINSTALL=1|0] [/pKLLOGIN=<user name> /pKLPASSWD=<password> /pKLPASSWDAREA=<password scope>] [/pENABLETRACES=1|0 /pTRACESLEVEL=<tracing level>] /s


msiexec /i <distribution kit name> EULA=1 PRIVACYPOLICY=1 [KSN=1|0] [ALLOWREBOOT=1|0] [ADDLOCAL=<component>] [SKIPPRODUCTCHECK=1|0] [SKIPPRODUCTUNINSTALL=1|0] [KLLOGIN=<user name> KLPASSWD=<password> KLPASSWDAREA=<password scope>] [ENABLETRACES=1|0 TRACESLEVEL=<tracing level>] /qn

but still, ksc is your best bet 



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