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Deliver reports - Failed to send the command to the SMTP server

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We created Deliver reports task on KSC 14. We configured a gmail account at Notification section in properties windows of reports and notification folder and use this for Deliver reports task. Test message was sent successfully:



Everything seemed fine. But, the task completed with error "Failed to send the command to the SMTP server".


Please give me advice to solve this problem.

Thank you.


OS: Windows server 2026


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Your task is to simultaneously send by mail and write to disk, it is assumed that you simply do not have rights to the folder to write.

Try disabling writing to the folder and running the task again.

check whether messages are delivered to the address you specified.

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Thank you for your answer.

I followed your advice but the problem is still there. I accidentally discovered a typing mistake in the Recipients (email addresses). There are two email addresses and they are separated by a semicolon and a space. There shouldn't have been a space there. I removed it and the task completed with no error.


Best regards!


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