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Can't uninstall Kaspersky from my computer

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I'm currently using Windows 11 and I simply can't uninstall Kaspersky.
I installed the free version last year.
I already checked the list of apps that are incompatible with Kaspersky, didn't find anything there.

Whenever I try to open Kaspersky it shows this window saying "Loading protection", but it never really does anything, just stays like this.


On the icons part in the task bar this is the icon that appears but I can't interact with it at all, it just stays there: icon.png.94de3f2514226e431da97b8dde6dc8be.png

Whenever I try to uninstall I get this window that stays like this forever saying "Prepairing to uninstall":


After I try to open it I can't even force it to end task from the windows task manager, it stays there running.

What do I do to remove this software from my computer?

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6 minutes ago, Berny disse:

@Agloren Welcome.

Please backup your personal files , exit Kaspersky and run the KavRemover.

How can I exit Kaspersky? I can't exit through the icon from the task bar because the app starts to open but never really does, so the option to exit never appears.
And I cannot force close it through the task manager, it simply stays there.

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9 minutes ago, Berny disse:

Please run the KavRemover without closing Kaspersky ?

Nevermind, I restarted the computer and was able to run the kavremover, apparently it worked just fine.

It generated 3 text files after running, I can just delete them, right?

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