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  1. Hi there New here...and have a question regarding the memory usage of Kaspersky Service 21.7 whilst a Full Scan is ongoing. Am seeing this go as high as 513Mb for extended periods (lowest usage seems to be about 150Mb), and am interested to know as to whether this is expected behaviour or something abnormal? Seems quite high but then again I do not really have a benchmark against which to compare...so wondering what other users are seeing? Am running Window 11 Home (release channel fully patched). Many thanks in anticipation. Regards, Uthred
  2. No further update from the powers that be...I find that disappointing in the extreme. :disappointed:
  3. With respect FLOOD...Kaspersky need to fix Safe Money to work with Edge as sometime soon IE11 will be deprecated, and then what will Safe Money work with? Uthred
  4. Apologies if I am asking a much debated query but I am confused as to why Safe Money does not work with the Edge browser? Surely, Edge is more secure than IE11? Just asking...thanks in advance. Uthred
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