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  1. is total security 20.0.14 (g) going to work with the new chromium-based Microsoft edge browser
  2. I have just uninstalled kaspersky and log on and still got the issue. so it can’t be kaspersky?
  3. file explorer is loading on its own when I log onto my dell laptop WIN 10/ version 1909/ with Kaspersky total security. I have found by running trouble shoot apps that there is a issue with the BITS service (hanging app). someone from Microsoft community suggested that its Kaspersky security causing the issue. can someone please have a look at my GSI report to confirm this.
  4. update on the issue with safe money when using edge browser and then safe money opens in explorer 11, which happens some times. I sent my traces to tech support and got this reply.
  5. hello flood. my safe money browser is working ok with edge browser this morning so I cant send the traces to technical support. it looks like has khan said in his post above that sometimes it will change to explorer 11. and then on same site next time you log in it works with the edge browser ok.
  6. looks like I spoke to soon just checked it was still working with the edge browser and its gone back to changing to explorer 11, technical support asked me to send a traces report back to them if the issue occurred again, which I will do.
  7. today my safe money protected browser is working with the edge browser with kaspersky version 20.0.14 18085 (A) that's only when you type in the web site address in the edge search bar. below is the reply I got back from technical support today.
  8. thanks for reply Harlan 4096. I have been using firefox for safe money, I stopped using MSIE. I have managed to get into my old threads in Kaspersky forum. I have sent a copy of that reply from technical support back to them.
  9. this is the reply I got back from tec support under my old user name helzapopin. (when I logged in to this new forum it said user information not found then asked for a new user name) so I have lost all my history of posts on this forum.}
  10. just updated to windows 10 version 1903 and safe money still not working with the edge browser. I have had this issue for a while now. I have been helping tech support with this issue sending reports back and the last time they got back to me, they said there was a fix for this issue. have I got to wait till Kaspersky internet security 2020 is released to correct this issue.
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