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  1. Hi everyone ?


    I want to do a few things on “My Kaspersky”.


    Basically, there are a few old entries that are no longer valid. Namely, KAV and old KIS entries.


    I also have two KIS for Android entries for some reason. One was recently renewed and I want to use that one on my phone (Pixel 5). But when I look at that one, it’s for my old phone (oneplus). The other one is (currently) for my Pixel, but I don’t want it’s licence renewed.


    So, how can I remove to avoid getting billed again for the Android KIS and remove the defunct KAV and KIS windows entries? 

  2. Hi,


    I don’t think I explained properly.


    I browse the web in Firefox. Edge is my default browser in Windows. I have selected Edge in the KIS settings for Safe Money. When I click on a link bookmark in the Safe Money list in Firefox, it opens a new Firefox window INSTEAD of the browser selected in the Safe Money settings (Edge).


    Sorry for the confusion!


  3. Hi @tterb76 , 

    Do I correctly understand the scenario: you are using Firefox for surfing, but if you need to open a site in Protected Browser, you want to go from Firefox to MS Edge Chromium automatically?


    Hi. That is exactly right! It does not work no matter what I select in the KIS settings. Like I said I also tried to get it to open in an Chrome window and that does not work either.



  4. Windows 11 22000.282
    Kaspersky Internet Security


    Hi there :)


    I have setup Safe Money in KIS, but, it won't use the selected browser when it opens a secure new browser window.


    My main browser is Firefox, but the default on my system is Edge (chromium).


    I have tried -


    - Selecting "Default Browser"
    - Selecting "Chromium-based Microsoft Edge"
    - Selecting "Google Chrome" to test


    I also tried rebooting my PC, but, nothing works.


    Any ideas?


    I really want to use edge for Safe Money sites.



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