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  1. That's weird. All it is is a .png I uploaded to imgur.com. Anyway, the error message says - "Visiting a dangerous website has been prevented.. You were protected from visiting this website by Kaspersky security.."
  2. Hi everyone, I am trying to whitelist a website. I got one working but the other one is being stubborn. When I got to the site I get this - https: //imgur.com/a/scM2WOG I have added it to the whitelist in - Web AV / Advanced Settings / Trusted URLs. Can anyone help? Cheers
  3. Hi everyone, I have two PCs with KIS installed. Can I upgrade to one of the new products (Standard, Plus, Premium) with my keys? If so, which one? Thanks for any help! :)
  4. Hi all ? It looks like I have it fixed. I uninstalled and re-installed KIS and now Spotify seems to work fine. If I have further problems I will post here. Cheers!
  5. It seems I spoke too soon. It's doing it again. All I did was add a few exclusions in the firewall and add some folder exclusions and it's doing it again. Very frustrating! Any other ideas?
  6. Hi @ Flood and Flood's wife Resetting to default seems to have fixed it for me. Many thanks for your help!
  7. Hi ? 1 - OS is Windows 11 22000.795 2 - KIS version 3 - Spotify Version - No idea (latest), but it's done this for quite a few builds. 5 - Yes
  8. Hi everyone, I have been having problems with Spotify for a while now. Basically, the app stops working. I have noticed if I disable KIS, Spotify works fine. If it's running it looks like (see attached images). Can someone help? Cheers
  9. Hi everyone ? I want to do a few things on “My Kaspersky”. Basically, there are a few old entries that are no longer valid. Namely, KAV and old KIS entries. I also have two KIS for Android entries for some reason. One was recently renewed and I want to use that one on my phone (Pixel 5). But when I look at that one, it’s for my old phone (oneplus). The other one is (currently) for my Pixel, but I don’t want it’s licence renewed. So, how can I remove to avoid getting billed again for the Android KIS and remove the defunct KAV and KIS windows entries?
  10. Hi there :) I just have a general question about safe money. If I open a protected window, will I be protected from potentially malicious add-ons (Firefox) and extensions (Chrome)?? Thanks!
  11. Ohhh… now I get you!! OK. One more question. If it opens a new window in Firefox, will Safe Money protect me from potentially malicious add-ons?? Thanks :)
  12. Hi, I don’t think I explained properly. I browse the web in Firefox. Edge is my default browser in Windows. I have selected Edge in the KIS settings for Safe Money. When I click on a link bookmark in the Safe Money list in Firefox, it opens a new Firefox window INSTEAD of the browser selected in the Safe Money settings (Edge). Sorry for the confusion!
  13. Hi. That is exactly right! It does not work no matter what I select in the KIS settings. Like I said I also tried to get it to open in an Chrome window and that does not work either. Thanks
  14. Windows 11 22000.282 Kaspersky Internet Security Hi there :) I have setup Safe Money in KIS, but, it won't use the selected browser when it opens a secure new browser window. My main browser is Firefox, but the default on my system is Edge (chromium). I have tried - - Selecting "Default Browser" - Selecting "Chromium-based Microsoft Edge" - Selecting "Google Chrome" to test I also tried rebooting my PC, but, nothing works. Any ideas? I really want to use edge for Safe Money sites. Cheers
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