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  1. I'm saying this because I used another antivirus for a long time. The antivirus did the following, when the person was downloading it to some system folder, the person could not run the file because it was being sent to LIVIGRID, it took about 5 minutes and returned if I could install it or not. if not, he would remove it from the pc, if yes, leave the file for the person to install. With that, I don't see KASPERSKY doing the same. that's why i asked. if it does it behind I don't know. That's why I wanted to know how and what works.
  2. Could someone help me by telling me where Kaspersky Total Security's SANDBOX is and help configure it for better protection. If possible show with images so I can follow the step by step.
  3. Thanks for the help, strange that my pc has internet. however I took my pc to my brother's house and it worked normally. I think it's my internet connection with the provider, I called my internet provider and the staff said it was under repair. Still thanks for the help.
  4. Thanks for the help, I did some steps and came back to update.
  5. As the image below shows, I've been trying to update for more than hours trying and it doesn't update. Does it have something to do with the war, or banning some governments?
  6. As the image below informs, I am connected to the internet but kaspersky does not inform that I am connected to the cloud to detect threats.
  7. There is no right time, it will depend on the size of your hd and the amount of files that exist on your hd.
  8. What I'm finding is that the vast majority of people are not believing this letter, I think she should talk to AV-TEST or AV-COMPRARATIVES. even other companies to open their software and see the source code or even the CEO to go on TV and talk about it, because these letters that are posted on the website that nobody is believing is what I'm understanding.
  9. If it's free, it will only ask to renew for another year. you probably have to click on the activation button. no code is needed.
  10. You won't need it when I changed the icon it went back to normal. Thank you for your help.
  11. Very strange mine got gray antivirus icon in the taskbar as the image shows. O ícone da barra de tarefas é cinza, mostrando que meu produto não carregou | Comunidade Kaspersky
  12. As the image below shows: I turned on my computer, I was waiting for 15 minutes the icon that is on the windows taskbar is still in gray color informing that my security product was not loaded. 1- What do I have to do? 2- Is Kaspersky aware of this Problem?
  13. Essa resposta foi muito boa, agora quero saber quem vai fazer essa investigação e se não encontrar nada quero ver alguém publicar falando que não encontrou nada… isso ninguém vai ter coragem de fazer.
  14. I was thinking a lot about it, no one else here talks about it, I'm thinking about changing the protection product I'm going to another antivirus.
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