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  1. @Berny i dont have the paid version so i will just hope and wait till someone replies, any help will be so much appreciated, thanks
  2. @Berny so do you have any other idea or solution to help me solve this problem?
  3. @Berny the chkdsk is completed and i have ran a full scan too, the corrupted file is still here but its decreased from 3700 to 1800 events, same number as before clean install, before clean install i have 1897 events and now i got the same 1897 events too, so the issue is not resolved yet.
  4. @Berny i thought we cannot see chkdsk result? how to see the summary? i have done it before and i think i dont get any summary
  5. @Flood and Flood's wife thanks for the reply, i will share the outcome after chkdsk is done, and for the “recheck the original issue”, do i need to run a full scan again to check the corrupted file?
  6. @System_Info thank you, do i need to restart manually after running chkdsk? or the restart is automated?
  7. @Berny okay, i will try and inform you when its done, by the way how much time does chkdsk usually takes for hdd?
  8. thats the report, i clean installed windows so theres not much files, the security level is extreme
  9. operating system: windows 10 home application version: Kaspersky security cloud free so i run a full scan and it detects 1800+ event, it is all klbackupdepository.dat file and all of them are corrupted, i contacted microsoft and they say its a kaspersky file, they recommend me to do a clean install of windows and then i clean installed, after that i run a full scan again and it detects 3500+ event and its all klbackupdepository.dat file corrupted too, even more than before clean install. am i infected? Result: Corrupted Result description: Corrupted
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