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  1. X = 3, Y = 10, Z = 2 What does "X User Accounts" mean? That I can create X "my.kaspersky.com" accounts, and put the same license on these accounts? Y Devices: I interpret that it is the number of devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android) that I can protect, each one of them counts as one and they are not related to each other. Z Years: Number of years of validity of the license from the first activation. Am I correct or have I misunderstood something?
  2. I solved the problem. I removed the license from the antivirus, and adding the new license successfully activated. The remove license icon visually looks like a shopping basket. That's why I never touched it and didn't know it was to remove the license.
  3. I already wrote to support. I already wrote to support.
  4. This guide it is outdated, or that option it is not available for me.
  5. Yes, but I need cancel the subscription, not renew.
  6. I thought maybe by canceling the subscription I could activate the new one.
  7. How can I cancel a subscription that is about to expire? When it expires it is automatically deleted?
  8. Windows 11 Enterprise, Build 22000.527 Kaspersky Total Security (h) I want to leave 2 computers from a subscription and protect them with a newer one. It gives me an error to add the license directly from the KTS, at least without removing the old one. From the subscription management page it only lets me download the installer.
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