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  1. I tested with Malwarebytes uninstalled, i even used Malwarebytes Support Tool to do a clean uninstall of it, and the problem with Kaspersky unfortunately continued.
  2. I did a clean installation, including defrag and disk cleaning, but the problem persists. Thanks for the attention.
  3. Yesterday at night i updated kaspersky security cloud from 2020 version to 2021, and today when i turned on the computer since morning, kaspersky anti-virus keeps using 35 ~ 40% of cpu for a few minutes, which is also causing the CPU to get hotter than usual. After a few minutes, kaspersky stops using the CPU, and some minutes later, the same thing starts to happen again and it stays in this situtation over, and over again, as long as the computer is on. I tried to close almost all the programs, and also restart the computer and none of that solved the problem. Here is a screenshot of the problem ocurring: GSI Scan is attached to the topic.
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