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  1. I didn't forget my master password. I have also reset my master password. I am 100% certain that the master password I entered is correct. But it still shows an error. In the comments section of the Edge browser extension, many other users have also reported this issue. They have reported that entering the correct main password shows an error
  2. I followed the software prompts and installed this password manager in the browser. I entered the correct master password, but it shows an error. I then deleted the password manager and reinstalled the password manager, but he still showed that the master password was wrong. Later, I even reset my master password and entered the correct master password, but it still showed that the password was wrong. Including my many comments in the edge extension store are also in the same situation as me, and the master password is wrong. Why? Because I am Chinese, I use translation software to translate my question into English, and the Chinese is as follows: 我按照软件提示的操作,在浏览器安装了这个密码管理器。我输入了正确的主密码,但是他却显示错误。我之后删除了密码管理器,重新安装了密码管理器,但是他还是显示主密码错误,后面我甚至重置了我的主密码,输入了正确的主密码,但是还是显示密码错误。包括我在edge的扩展商店里面有很多的评论也是和我一样的情况,也是主密码错误,这是为什么?
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