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  1. Thank you for your answer. I just want to learn if this is a normal behavior. I have a fairly old mobile phone with custom rom on it. lineageOS. Official ROM only supports Android 6. To be able to use Android 9 I've installed lineageOS to my device. There is enough RAM, CPU is capable. Probably OS is the problem. Again, thank you for the reply.
  2. Hi I've just purchased Kaspersky PM I am using it in two of my pc's with no problem. But on android version, opening Vault* (how do you call it i don't know) the page we enter master password... After entering master password for vault not my.kaspersky account password, unlocking vault* takes too much time. Sometimes about 2 or 3 minutes. Minimum 1 between 2 minutes. This only occurs on Android device. PC version works without issues. Is this normal? Are you all waiting this much to reach a password on android or is this because of my mobile device? Android Version 9 I can't add screenshot. It says "it is forbidden to take screenshot." Thanks.
  3. Forexample; https://my.kaspersky.com and https://auth.hq.uis.kaspersky.com have same account to log in and saved in PM. But PM says "duplicate password" regardless of same domain. Can we edit as "*.kaspersky.com" and will it fill the password fields? Thanks!
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