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  1. Our business recently renewed Endpoint license. I updated the license through the Endpoint Portal/Workspace and all we had to do on our computers was restart Kaspersky, update Kaspersky or reboot the computers in order for the license to be activated on each device. However, one device, a laptop, had an issue. It required the license code to be manually entered. After doing so and clicking activate, it seems like it was successful. However, clicking "Finish" brings me right back to the original "Activation" page, still showing as no active license (refer to pic1). I repaired the application, apparently there were databases that needed updating (Refer to pic2) and repairing the application seemed to fix this. However inability to activate the license remained even after making sure everything was up to date. Have uninstalled, reinstalled etc. Need help urgently please.
  2. Thanks for your help, I managed to click on my device and saw that the critical error was stemming from KSN not being turned on. Do you know why this is not turned on by default? Eitherway, it wasnt showing up on my Kaspersky desktop application until I restarted my computer. Now it shows the KSN is activated but still on the Kaspersky Web Portal the critical error is still showing up? Any suggestions to resolve this?
  3. Our businesses Endpoint Security Cloud subscription came to an end earlier this month, so we upgraded to a Endpoint Security Cloud PRO service for up to 6 devices. I activated this new license in our Endpoint Security Cloud workspace online -- went smoothly, and confirmed our new license was activated. Also seemed that our old devices had transferred seamlessly to the new license. On our devices, some of us had to upgrade our Kaspersky Endpoint Security desktop applications and restart our devices. Once doing so, we checked our license status and can clearly see that the new license has been activated. (image below) However, on our online Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud workspace, I checked on our devices and found that the current status is 'critical' for most of them. Some however, are 'OK' (see image below) Why is this happening? Is there an extra activation that must be done locally on our devices?
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