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  1. Hi everyone, unfortunately or luckily, Razer updated its software, from version ending 110 to 116. Now installing or updating the application, doesn't trigger the detection anymore. Virus Lab was very helpful sending me a very clear and detailed mail, about what to do. I was almost sad to not be able to replicate the detection anymore. Kind regards to everyone that helped me here too.
  2. So, I managed to reproduce the detection, and got the traces. Problem is that on the KOTIP maximum file size is 246MB, but as you can see, some file are much bigger than that. What can I do? Thanks
  3. I tried to install it and now with Kaspersky Plus installed, before was at least letting me install it, and block the update process, now it directly blocks the installation.
  4. Hi Harlan, I installed Kaspersky plus It overwrote the Cloud version, that now doesn't show up in Apps anymore. It seems the problem was with Razer Synapse, as Kaspersky was blocking its updating process, and now that I have uninstalled it, the Trojan pop up doesn't show anymore. Is it a known issue with that software? I there a way to avoid it to happen? Because I can of need it for my peripherals.
  5. Hi, every time I boot my PC, when I get on my desktop I get a pop up message Detected: PDM:Trojan.Win32.Generic Location: c:\windows\installer\msiaa65.tmp The last part after Installer\ changes all the time. I disinfect and restart the computer, but I am always in the same situation. Even a total scan doesn't yield any result, and nothing is found. I have Windows 11 updated to the last version available at the time of writing, same for Kaspersky Security Cloud - Personal. Thanks for any help to get rid of this annoyance.
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