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  1. Thank you. I found a layer of security that I left a picture of below. To log in to KPM, I recommend that you first force a login with a My Kaspersky account. Thus, even if malicious people get our KPM password or KPM backup files, they will not be able to pass two-step verification. Or two-step verification can be added to KPM somehow ­čÖé Have a nice day
  2. Can anyone say something? it's important.
  3. What if our Kaspersky Password Manager password is stolen via a trojan or keylogger? What measures can be taken to prevent this from happening?
  4. Kaspersky Password Manager quick shortcut key cannot enter this key: ~ (setting here: Additional > settings > advanced. I'm talking about entering password with ctrl+enter) If this icon (~) is the last key of the password, the KPM quickshortcut key cannot enter it. Probably because we created this key by pressing it twice with the keyboard, KPM presses this key once and this key is not entered. I think the same question would apply to this icon (^) Have a nice day.
  5. H─▒zl─▒ k─▒sayol tu┼ču bilgileri aramas─▒ b├Âl├╝m├╝ne (Ek-ayarlar-geli┼čmi┼č sekmesindeki) yeni bir tu┼č kombinasyonu atansa, ├Ârne─čin Shift+Enter gibi, ve bu kombinasyon hem kullan─▒c─▒ ad─▒n─▒ hem de ┼čifreyi girse g├╝zel olur diye d├╝┼č├╝n├╝yorum. Bunu yapmak i├žin Parola Y├Âneticisinin uygulamalara entegre olmas─▒na gerek yok. Shift+Enter den sonra basit├že ├Ânce kullan─▒c─▒ ad─▒n─▒ girecek sonra tab tu┼čuna bas─▒p ┼čifresini girecek. Bunun g├╝zel bir ├ž├Âz├╝m olaca─č─▒na inan─▒yorum. B├Âyle bir ├Âzellik gelene kadar di─čer kullan─▒c─▒ arkada┼člara bu kombinasyonlar─▒ otomatik olarak yapacak bir makro ayarlamalar─▒n─▒ ├Ânerebilirim. Te┼čekk├╝rler English Filling user information in applications with a click I think it would be nice if a new key combination is assigned to the quick hotkey information search section (in the Additional-settings-advanced tab), for example Shift+Enter, and this combination enters both the username and password. Password Manager does not need to be integrated into apps to do this. After Shift+Enter, it will simply enter the username, then press the tab key and enter the password. I believe this will be a good solution. Until such a feature comes, I can recommend other users to set up a macro that will make these combinations automatically. Thanks
  6. Kaspersky Parola Y├Âneticisi uygulamalardaki ve oyunlardaki kullan─▒c─▒ bilgilerini otomatik olarak doldurmuyor. Bunun i├žin bir ├ž├Âz├╝m var m─▒? Te┼čekk├╝r ederim.
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