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  1. Didn't I post the notifications area as you requested and provided the info that Berny requested? Here's my entire taskbar if that helps.
  2. So I did a completely new install and it worked fine for a few days and now the reports tab has come back. I have attached what I see in the reports area but that does not come up when I click on the reports tab. Nothing comes up when I click on the reports tab, I need to click on the tray icon and then go to reports that way. There's no way to clear those from what I can see. In my notifications, there is also nothing (see screenshot attached)
  3. 1. Microsoft Windows 11 Professional x64 Build 22621 2. Application version - Kaspersky Free Reports is not pinned to the taskbar. I reinstalled the application over my original install but it did not fix the issue. I also restored settings to default and restarted the computer and it didn't fix the issue. I've attached a screenshot and when I click on it nothing happens. It only goes away if I open the program then go into reports and then close the window. There are no reports in there.
  4. Every time I start my PC, I have a Reports tab that when I click on it does nothing. The only way to make it disappear is to either quit Kaspersky or go into Kaspersky in the tray area then click into reports and close it from there. There are no reports so I'm not sure why it opens on startup.
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