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  1. Yes other threats and no Jaik. Where on earth is this? .........detection history registry from WD
  2. Oh Dear, But I no longer have the file. I am simply asking about conflicting signals from KRD and Windows Defender. KRD failed to find the threat yet I am still getting warnings from WD. JAIK has been a documented threat for a year or two it is not new.
  3. That file shows the WD warning it is not for analysis. The infected file/folder I have dealt with. I am asking whether the continued warnings are a concern. Although I realise this is not a Defender forum!
  4. Windows Defender keeps warning me about this daily. It refers to a folder in Downloads that I deleted when I first saw the messg. I also wiped free space and emptied the Recycle Bin on the drive. Still WD warns me about Jaik. I ran a full scan with a new updated Kaspersky Rescue Disk (and also Avira). It found other threats but no Jaik? Can I assume it is a false positive?
  5. I have no C:\ extracted folder.............. Is this the folder where some AV files are located on C:? In which case that is why I don't have it, Kaspersky is not on my computer so maybe that is why the KRD stick is not saving a log?
  6. Well this is wierd. I have no C:\ extracted folder. I have C:\KRD2018_Data as in the image, but no log or txt files there either. In Reports I have enc1 files which are all garbage to me. No such files left on the stick. I do not have Kaspersky installed on the computer, is this why no logs are left?
  7. Does anyone know where to find the log file/txt file after a scan from the rescue stick? I have resorted to taking photos of the results and photos of the report, but surely it is saved somewhere? Cannot find it on the stick 😒
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