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Windows Defender keeps warning me about this daily. It refers to a folder in Downloads that I deleted when I first saw the messg. I also wiped free space and emptied the Recycle Bin on the drive. Still WD warns me about Jaik. I ran a full scan with a new updated Kaspersky Rescue Disk (and also Avira). It found other threats but no Jaik? Can I assume it is a false positive?

Jaik Image.JPG

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@fastrack1966Welcome back

Could you send the suspicious file to Kaspersky Virus Lab for analysis?

  • Go to the site → KasperskyThreat Intelligence Portal
  • On the bottom left-hand side of the page, click on → Sign in
  • After logging in with your My Kaspersky account click on the → File Analysis tab
  • In the "Drag & drop to upload" field click → Add File
  • Select the file you want to send for analysis
  • (optional) If you want the analysis to be hidden from other Kaspersky users, check the box → Private submission
  • To send the file, click → Analyze
  • Wait for the complete result (this may take a few minutes).
NOTE: The analysis tool is limited to just 1 file per day.
If you want to send more than one file for analysis, contact technical support
Support link:
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Oh Dear, But I no longer have the file. I am simply asking about conflicting signals from KRD and Windows Defender. KRD failed to find the threat yet I am still getting warnings from WD. JAIK has been a documented threat for a year or two it is not new. 

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I think it's because that is no longer there, but Your Defender still thinks it's there, just try to select in Defender actions -> ignore the warning... Defender has some bugs, in I've found that similar behavior before, months later it detected a file, the file is no longer there and still warning about it 🙄

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Yes other threats and no Jaik. 

Where on earth is this? .........detection history registry from WD

Just try to select in Defender actions............Unforunately I've now installed Bit Defender so I'm not sure I can do anything in Windows Defender any more?

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