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  1. In case anyone else is running into the issue(s) I have or are just now realizing that their Kaspersky software is no longer functioning as usual, here is a link to Kaspersky Support addressing any questions you may be having like those I had: Guide on Kaspersky software availability in the United States @harlan4096, sorry for reposting the same link as you just did, but I hadn't refreshed the page, so your response wasn't showing. Regardless, I have marked your reply as "Solved" as the information via the link you shared is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.
  2. Thank you @harlan4096 for your response and help. Will those of us in the US that already use Kaspsersky continue to do so in the future? Or will we be forced to switch to an alternative AV solution? I know Kaspersky has committed to support for 6 more months, but I'm assuming after that the products will no longer be supported. Never mind @harlan4096, it seems some are providing answers to that question within the thread you linked (not that I really have the time to sift through it all). Every day for me lately has become an adventure with technology breaking or having issues, but it is what it is, I guess. Who knows how tech illiterate people survive.
  3. This stinks! I wonder if the real reason the US government is causing the shutdown of Kaspersky in the US has more to do with the US government not being able to spy on its citizens who are using Kaspersky? Also, Kaspersky often tops the charts with its lightweight performance impact on users' systems so if I must replace it, it's likely going to be with some bloated AV software alternative. If US users are faced with having to switch to something else, it's a sad day. I've been a happy and loyal Kaspersky customer for over two decades now.
  4. Never mind, I think I've found my answer Kaspersky is shutting down its business in the United States
  5. Nothing, huh? No one can provide me any assistance? I find it strange that all the Kaspersky apps have disappeared from the Apple App Store. Some explanation would be nice.
  6. Today I noticed that Kaspersky Password Manager and other Kaspersky products are missing from the Apple App Store. In addition, Kaspersky Password Manager has become super irritating and now makes me log in every time for each username and each password I need to enter. This is incredibly annoying! I shouldn't need to log in to the Kaspersky Password Manager app again to autofill a website or app password 5 seconds after I just logged in to the Kaspersky Password manager app to autofill a website or app username! And this is for every single entry! It's ridiculous. There's a difference between being secure and being a nuisance and this app has become the latter. Even setting 'Autolock Vault' to 'Never' does absolutely nothing! I'm using Kaspersky Password Manager version on iOS
  7. For anyone else who runs into the same issue: I just created a new vault, so everything is working now. However, I still don't know why it was asking me to log into my database on a new install or how my database could be corrupted when I never had set up Kaspersky Password Manager previously. And I have no idea what happened to that original corrupted database. Hopefully, I can find a way to delete it so it's not just sitting somewhere on my drive taking up space. Very weird.
  8. Hello @Schulte, I tried reinstalling Kaspersky Password Manager and get the same stupid issue: "The vault is locked. Enter your main password." "Database file is corrupted" Once again, I've never used Kaspersky Password Manager before. So, I don't know why it's asking me to log in to my database or why it's corrupted. Thanks. Kind regards, Brielle
  9. Hello @Schulte, It was shown separately in the list of apps. I just successfully uninstalled the PW app. I will now reboot and try to reinstall. Thanks again. Kind regards, Brielle
  10. Hello @Schulte, Thank you for the reply and advice. I am using Windows 11 and the AV Software installed is Kaspersky Premium. I have Kaspersky Premium installed on other devices as well; however, I have never installed Kaspersky Password Manager until today. Do I just need to uninstall and reinstall Kaspersky Password Manager and not the whole Kaspersky Premium suite including the VPN? Kind regards, Brielle
  11. I just installed Kaspersky Password Manager for the first time and it's asking for my Main Password and stating, "Database file is corrupted". I don't understand how I'm required to enter a main password nor how the database can be corrupted immediately after initial install?! Nothing says, "You can trust our application." than when it's already problematic after initial installation. Seriously, NOT a good start! I don't have a main password even if the database was working, as I never used the Password Manager application before. Ugh, so frustrating!
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