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  1. Not using VPN, for me Egypt This happened before when there was a maintenance
  2. Kaspersky free but it download last version during install as i know
  3. You can via site not to activate the app
  4. It's not the email, i tried another, it seems there's another maintenance without saying anything on My Kaspersky as usual
  5. Hi, Today i can't log in to My Kaspersky via app but i can log in via browser Also when i delete a device it keep coming back Is there a maintenance on My Kaspersky site ? if yes why there's nothing that say there's a maintenance and it's time when it will start and end ?
  6. The first pic you didn't check the partition that's why no scan in right click, but on my video i checked the partition
  7. I know we can scan throw the program but via context menu is faster and easier
  8. Hi, Kaspersky Free context menu is missing when i right click on a partition, but it's there when i click on folder or file
  9. Same happen with Security Cloud Free Also not sure why it's 1 month not 365 days ?!
  10. @Igor KurzinAny update on this ? Also another one is when i right click on a folder or file Kaspersky scan option is there but when i click on a partition it's missing Thanks
  11. I made a video and did register with 2 mails, one i choose Egypt and the other i choose Russia https://youtu.be/P3zsdBOYX9o Also when i choose Egypt or middle east i can use 2 devices only, when i choose Russia i can use 3 devices as before
  12. It wont change to 365, when i use another mail (not the same mail) to register and use reign NOT middle east or Egypt it work fine and gives 365 days Free version should give 365 days not 31 days Also what will happen after 31 days ends ? it will renew ?
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