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  1. Hi and thanks for the response! I had seen this link but as I said, I'm unable to put off Memory Integrity as it reset to on after a restart. Nevertheless your answer confirmed me about the exclusive access of virtualization. What you're telling me is that only one VM can work on a computer. Meaning that when I had Oracle WM (that was used with BOINC Manager to run scientific calculation), there was a conflict? Isn't there's a way to manage VM easily? Returning to the main subject, which one is the "best" for that case? Defender of Kaspersky? How can I be sure that Defender is actually doing his job and everything's running well? Should I disable Windows Hypervisor Platform and Virtual Machine Platform ? Thanks again !
  2. Hi ! Si I did a some research before coming here but I'm a bit stuck as my problem seems to be precisely in between everything I saw. Couple of days ago, I had two warning: - One from Windows Defender in the Device Security panel that brought me to Core Isolation. Memory Integrity was on and there was not a lot of thing I can do. I ended up ingnoring the notification and everything seems to be OK as it's green but I'm not sure it works because all I did was ignoring the warning. The only weird thing is that I can't turn off Memory Integrity (I can toggle the button but everytime I restart the PC it's on); - One from Kaspersky that advice me to use a computer with virtualization. In the settings, Hardware virtualization if avaiblable is on but I have a message saying it's incompatible. So I don't know if Windows Defender is doing his job or Kaspersky or if both are out... FYI, I tried several things to see if Wndows Defender is running Memory Integrity or to make Kaspersky see that virtualization is available: uninstalled Oracle VM Virtual Box, checked if virtualization is on in the BIOS, SFC /scannow and all the standard check, disabled Kaspersky Virtualization (that seems to "break" Core Integrity as it disappeared from Windows Defender), went to the Windows Feature menu to check if Hyper V is off and set on Windows Hypervisor Platform + Virtual Machine Platform, tried to force Core Isolation through Local Group Policy Editor,... In the end I don't really know what's happening... Unless if Windows Defender is really doing his job (but I'm not sure as the warning disappeared after I ignored it), I'll be grateful if you can help me out to understand if everything's alright ! Thanks a lot ! Regards, A5TRO
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