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When Kaspersky free will be available to use in Portugal (European Countries)?


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A few days ago i don't knew why my kaspersky Security Cloud free made an upgrade to kaspersky free the new antivirus.

I saw this one available to download on my kaspersky.

Sudendly i faced a problem with virtual keyboard, so i had to uninstall it and reinstall again, but this time i had to install again the Kaspersky Security Cloud free because the kaspersky free was gone. 

I can download the new version from another countries i guess.


My question is can i use this new antivirus even if my location is Portugal a european country!?

Or do You have some kind of predection when it will be available in this region?


I will wait for an answer as soon as possible!


Thank you very much in advanced!


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Hello Berny,

In the past i tested this version you suggested me to download but i had some problems with onscreen keyboard, and the issue was i can't put some accents on some fields from my Home Banking!

My last name as an accent and my user name needs this accent to work.

I asked some help in the topic bellow.

"My onscreen keyboard doesn't work on my bank site i can't fill the user and password using onscreen keyboard."


And the conclusion was i had to get back to previous version Kaspersky security cloud free because there was no European version available at that time!

That's the reason why i asked if you know something.

Best regards.



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Can you give a link for the Portuguese (Portugal) version of Kaspersky Free because I also lost it from My Kaspersky because I formatted my laptop and deleted the subscription from old installation and now I´m stuck with Kaspersky Security Cloud.


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