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Video on website not loading

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Since I installed Kaspersky Premium, the videos on   https : //videa.hu/   haven't been loading. Could you please help me solve this issue? I tried adding the site as an exception but it didn't work. This is the video I want to play:

https : //videa . hu /videok/film-animacio/88-3-25-fmjeRtW2eTjIFt0l?fbclid=IwAR16RsEP3JNA99xXQMpGIBoxqgJC7NHLNMTKzAK7UJ8qfcNI4ajYvkyamNk_aem_AVX8cKal1O-9SGSuYRzWhCsHfbDgxksP0Ydx80NhTVw-_P53ZDwI9rLhp4uJtVDd-e-bSZonTjJlwfHxJ6j3tR32

Thank you in advance!


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