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Update task completes successfully but bases remain outdated [Kaspersky Security for Windows Server]

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In some cases, it is possible to run a database upgrade task on the KSWS/KICS/KESS host, but despite the upgrade task successfully completing, the databases are still out of date.


Most probably product operates in UpdateBlackListOnly mode. This happens in cases when product is activated with activation code and is unable to reach our activation servers. Thus KSWS fails to receive/refresh activation ticket and downloads updates only for Blacklist.

Possible ways to solve the problem:

1. Activate with a key file;
2. In case KSWS needs to be activated with the code make sure that either KSWS server is able to reach our public activation servers directly or set up KSC to act as activation proxy and make sure that KSWS server is able to reach KSC on TCP17000.

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