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Unable to login to KPM on new phone

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I got my new Samsung s24 today, transferred all my apps, everything is going great and i can even login into Kaspersky. But then it asks me to login again to use the password manager and it says that my main password is incorrect, but it isn't. I've tried deleting the app on my phone and reinstalling but nothing seems to work, i've been looking online for a solution but don't really see anything helpful. I also checked on Kaspersky's site, there is a section where it asks me to enter my main password and what i'm entering there is accepted but it's not "correct" when i try on the app so i'm at a loss. Am i missing something obvious?


Edit: Yes, i did miss something obvious. The keyboard layout is slightly different so i was typing the password incorrectly by a single character, don't mind me i'm smart.

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