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Two related websites use the same login get weak password warning. [MOVED]

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Is there a way to get two websites listed under a single entry, as I have a few websites which use the same credentials as your main login say  for a community page and a store page, but they are essentially the same thing just different websites, however Kaspersky is telling me my password is weak (The password is not weak, I created it with the manager) because it is used elsewhere - which just isn’t the case.

for example: https://steamcommunity.com & https://store.steampowered.com

I have it also where I have an Application installed and the website for the application, it tells me it is weak because there are two entries.

If not :-

Can Kaspersky create a function to allow a link be created between two (or more) entries, noting they are related, and that they are allowed to share the same password, and would allow people to see their password isn’t really weak.

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Hello @MikelKostov,


For both steam sites you’ve listed, is the password the same?  If “yes”, atm, Kaspersky shows a “weak password” alert




Note, Kaspersky are processing a change, in the future, duplicated passwords will show as duplicated, or not unique, on the main KPM profile/password window. 

Please post back? 

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋

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