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Total Security Problem locking up my MAC internet

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Hi everyone. I just got a new MAC M1. And like I have done for years, I downloaded the newest Kaspersky total security for my new MAC M1. I still have 167 days on my current contract and installed it.  Just trying to be safe.  Well it was very far from as I used to. I got the correct Version for my MAC and Installed it. In seconds all hell broke loose. default programs like mail and others stopped working and I had to do force kill on them. Then I thought perhaps a reboot would help. NOPE!!!!! I got errors as I was not able to connect to the internet. looking at my connections showed weird  problems. orange status lights and errors  in connecting to my WIFI. I would connect then switch to another then seem to be stable for 15 sec and disconnect almost. All the while  there was a connection both to ethernet and WIFI  still no connection as well as connecting to my phone. Same problem.  This was hard to diagnose. Finally i noticed a Kaspersky connected subroutine in the network section. showing a connected module something about endpoint routine.  Any way I finally took it to my apple store, and they figured it out. They removed all references to KAS total Security and all was ok after that. Almost had to do a force clean restart all over again with just Monterey on my system. not a happy camper.  Any ideas. I am a new MAC customer and I am not that familiar with it and not even sure it i require antivirus software on it.   I have been using you for almost the beginning of your company so this is strange for me.  I was able to install the password manager and it seems to work ok, but this was most frustrating.  I have ha mu new MAC 5 days.

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Hello @BilyBobWest


  1. Which macOS version is installed, refer: Find out which macOS your Mac is using

Please share the outcome with the Community, when it's available? 

Thank you🙏


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