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  1. Hi i have had many problems with Kaspersky total security on my new M1 Mac. First I installed it and it locked my mac up completely and I had to take it to a repair facility to remove it enough to run my mac again. It however left traces behind in the file list of what to do in the actions menu "scan with Kaspersky internet security. So today i tried again with a new install and now it won't install at all giving this error. "You don’t have permission to save the file “klisgdpr” in the folder “tmp” ". i even went in and gave it permission to full disk access but gets the same error. The error does not even tell me where the tmp folder is! I can not find it! Help Mac os Monterey 12.4 on an M1 Mac. resources 8TB drive 128 GB memory.
  2. Hi everyone. I just got a new MAC M1. And like I have done for years, I downloaded the newest Kaspersky total security for my new MAC M1. I still have 167 days on my current contract and installed it. Just trying to be safe. Well it was very far from as I used to. I got the correct Version for my MAC and Installed it. In seconds all hell broke loose. default programs like mail and others stopped working and I had to do force kill on them. Then I thought perhaps a reboot would help. NOPE!!!!! I got errors as I was not able to connect to the internet. looking at my connections showed weird problems. orange status lights and errors in connecting to my WIFI. I would connect then switch to another then seem to be stable for 15 sec and disconnect almost. All the while there was a connection both to ethernet and WIFI still no connection as well as connecting to my phone. Same problem. This was hard to diagnose. Finally i noticed a Kaspersky connected subroutine in the network section. showing a connected module something about endpoint routine. Any way I finally took it to my apple store, and they figured it out. They removed all references to KAS total Security and all was ok after that. Almost had to do a force clean restart all over again with just Monterey on my system. not a happy camper. Any ideas. I am a new MAC customer and I am not that familiar with it and not even sure it i require antivirus software on it. I have been using you for almost the beginning of your company so this is strange for me. I was able to install the password manager and it seems to work ok, but this was most frustrating. I have ha mu new MAC 5 days.
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