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Suggestion: Add the ability to block capture screen content and keylogger spyware

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Sorry I am a foreigner and use machine translation. I mean Windows doesn't have this feature in macOS. Now KIS can block programs from using the camera, microphone, and getting audio streams, but it doesn't seem to block keyloggers and screenrecorders. I've tried keylogging tools that work without digital signatures. Hopefully, future KIS will provide similar functionality.

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Thank you for posting back!

  1. Which language is your native language please? 
  2. Which OS do you have, provide the full name, version & build - refer: How to find the version of your operating system?
  3. Which KIS version & patch(x), x = letter - refer: How to find the name and the version number of a Kaspersky application?
  4. Which "keylogging tools that work without digital signatures", provide the names & sources - URLS please? 

Please post back?

Thank you?

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I have downloaded some keyboard/screen logging software on the CN download website for testing. Most of them can be identified as activity monitoring software or malware, but some of them cannot be blocked. For example, Slient Key Logger is a software without digital signatures. The latest version, V1.40, recognizes "activity monitoring software," but older version, V1.33.5, KIS doesn't block it. Probably because the old version didn't add malware to the library. It could be that the old version was not added to the malware library (Windows Defender did not block this version either)

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I am no an IT expert, but I personally recommend adding keyboard logger and screen recording interception feature to KIS, similar to the "webcam protection" feature. Rather than finding all of these softwares and adding them to the malware library, this can essentially block a lot of malicious behavior.(In CN, some people use this kind of software to monitor others, and there seems to be no suitable software in Windows to perfect interception)

System: Windows 10 x64 22H2

KIS Version:

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