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rule move undefined device

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I have created two rules to move computer and server that are in the group "Undefined Devices", but no one is working...

Both are almost the same, i will take for exemple the rule for client device :

Right clic under "Undefined Devices", properties, select my rule for client device, properties.

I have selected the group where the computer that match my properties must be moved, i have set the execution to one time for each client, rule enable.

Under "applications", i have selected no under "Admin agent installed " and i have selected all Windows client versions.



So i am excepting that all the new client under Windows 7,8,10,11 will be move to my selected group.


But it's not.

Any Help ?

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11 часов назад, Barako сказал:

but the group "undefined devices" not appear

yes, sorry my mistake. this only works for managed devices.


one more point did you set up the rule this way ?




but I still believe that the system cannot yet determine the operating system of unassigned devices, and therefore does not move them according to your conditions.

install an administration agent on these devices, and then your rules will work, just try to set this order ...



but this will move ALL devices that are currently connected on your server. and will move every time you reinstall Network Agent.

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