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Request for new Feature for Kaspersky Password manager [MOVED]


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This topic builds off from thread:




I request for consideration for what I view would be an easy work around for the Password Manager, to help accommodate the occasional scenario where one user account and password could legitimately be used across multiple domains for an account with a larger organization.

Part 1:

Within the Password Check on the vertical menu, there is a list of lists: “weak”, “duplicate”, “strong”, “compromised”, and “not-checked”. I recommend the creation of a new list called either duplicate - ignored or ignored - duplicates, where the color code could still be yellow.

Part 2:

For each password, typically this should only effect websites class, add a new field under the menu which is essentially a Boolean flag. When the user clicks the Edit button there would be a new slider field below Autologin with label Ignore Duplicate.

Optional. A warning text field could pop up temporarily or span in warning about the risks of enabling this flag.

Wrapping up:

So for each Ignore Duplicate password entry will show up in the duplicate - ignored list. This will help distinguish between true duplicate accounts and insignificant duplicate account if a website has multiple domains.


Alternatively, if this is prior passage is not feasible, could a similar feature to Part 1 with the exception of Part 2 as follows in this alternative. If a New folder is created, all entries within that New folder will not count has duplicate passwords against each other, on condition. I recommend a new button within the Menu for each New folder be added to go to a Boolean flag ignore duplicate. It could also display a similar warning about the risks of enabling this flag. However, the algorithm will still compare unique passwords within that folder that has the Boolean flag = True, to all other passwords stored within the password manager. If a duplicate is found, then for the sake of simplicity all duplicate accounts are listed by domain outputted to the duplicate group rather than have some passwords on the duplicate or duplicate - ignored. Only if there is no other duplicates other than the password within the New folder then those would be dumped to the duplicate - ignored list.



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Hello @RT01100111

Welcome back!

Thank you for the suggestions👏

Some of what you’ve suggested has been raised previously & acknowledged by Kaspersky experts.

Ordinarily the process for software enhancements is to raise a Feedback, I have a suggestion & or Feedback, I have a complaint request with Kaspersky Technical Support, however, our recent observation is the process has very little value, Kaspersky are closing all suggestions with canned replies similar to:

Thank you for the suggestion. As it is a suggestion, there's no guarantee whether or not it will be implemented, or if it will be, when. Our experts asked us to set it as 'Resolved'. You may contact us again in the future for an update.”

There’s a lot of work for Kaspersky Customers to log requests, a lot of time & energy is required; (ioo) Kaspersky ticket management does not recognise this, especially if Kaspersky think their customers have nothing better to do than raise tickets ad infinitum, to find out the status of a “suggestion”. 

However, it’s your call, if you wish to raise a request, please proceed & let us know the outcome? 

Thank you🙏

Flood🐳 +🐋

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A secondary comment following on from the above, where a password is duplicated due to being used in a phone app and a web site logon the details of both the logon id and password are the same but they are two or more  ways of accessing the same site / company. web site and application, application also on more than one phone / tablet. A simple flag to say that it is a valid duplicate and to ignore would be a nice idea.

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