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Renewal licensing issue

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We have renewed our license on our Endpoint Security for Business Select.

After the "old" one expiration, the new one is successfully applied on our workstations and on 3 servers we added.

But on 2 servers that had the previous license, it do not apply.

Limit is not reached.

Tried to reinstall, downloaded the key and applied the key on the installation package, all unsuccessful.

Don't know what try else.

I get any idea or suggestion



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Good day

I'm sorry, I can clarify some details.

1. What OS is installed on problem servers?

2. What product (and what version) is installed?

3. Do you use KSC? and whether you tried to distribute the key through the KSC or using the key installation task. if so, what errors does the task produce.


in some cases, similar to yours, when the key could not be redeemed, it helped to manually enter the license section on the problem device in the application and first delete the old key, after which the new one was applied without problems.

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Thank you for your messages.

OS is Server 2019, trying to install

Kaspersky Security for Windows Server (English)_11.0.1.897 through KSC 14.
Just tried again now inserting licence key in the package but as you can see, in the folowing screencap, there is no license informaiton..i realal don't knwo what doing else
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  • Solution

Try adding the key manually, not by reinstalling the client.

Install the management console on the server, and in the licensing section add the key

The console can be installed from the installation package KSWS 11.0.1

This may sound silly, but still, when building a package, do you use the right key ?







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