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Protected Browser Issue


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I have been using Kaspersky software for many years. I currently use Kaspersky Total Security and Kaspersky Password Manager.

For many of my links, I want the page to open in a Protected Browser page, which has been working very well all along, until recently, when one of my financial links stopped opening a Protected Browser window. 

Try as I might, I cannot get that link to open a Protected Browser window again.

I use Win-10-64 and Google Chrome, and have used them for years with no problems, as well.

Please try to help me with this issue. All my other important links open a Protected Browser window as usual.

In advance, many thanks.

Stay safe, and be well.

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Hi Berny,

Thank you for your response.

Yes, I have tried that.

I just now deleted the entry that was in Safe Money, and also in Password Manager.

I then made a new entry into Password Manager, and it simply opened the link in Chrome, and did NOT open the Protected Browser window.

I then entered the link into Safe Money, and when I hit that link, it opened ONLY in a Protected Browser!

However, I really want it to first open the UNprotected browser window, as it always has done, and as do all the other links, and THEN open the Protected Browser window. I have 2 monitors, and all the Protected Browser windows open on the #2 monitor, rather than the #1 monitor, where I normally run Chrome.

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you again for your help!

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