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Problem in Kaspersky Password Manager

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hello kaspersky community I'm having trouble applying Kaspersky Password Manager When I log in successfully with my master password and after a while I am asked to re-enter it again Release (b) / 1563191215_6231 / 1.0.363.0- windows 10 (64bit) 1903
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Hello hacendebbab, Welcome!
  1. Check KPM "auto-lock" settings.
--- TEST:
  1. Set "auto-lock" to ⭕️Never
  2. Exit KPM.
  3. Restart KPM
  4. Monitor for issue
Issue repeats:disappointed: please let us know? Issue resolved :clap_tone3::thumbsup_tone3::relaxed:, please let us know? Thanks. https://help.kaspersky.com/KPM/Win9.2/en-US/85271.htm
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Unfortunately, the proposed solution did not fit I uninstalled the app and reinstalled the app, but the problem remained
Hello hacendebbab,
  1. Can you explain to me why you uninstalled KPM?
  2. Are you using KPM as standalone software or as a part of one of Kaspersky's AV (home products)?
  3. IF, part of Kaspersky suite, please tell me (other Kaspersky sftw) name & version?
  4. Have you just started using Kaspersky product(s)?
  5. When you say "proposed solution did not fit", can you detail why please?
  6. When you changed "auto-lock" to "never", what happens?
Also, just as information, anywhere, in any Kaspersky software, where there's a ? - selecting the ? will open a (browser) Kaspersky "help/information" document - specific to the application screen. Please let me know? Thank you:pray_tone3:.
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