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Problem detection of devices with kaspersky security center (Discovery device issus)

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I am trying to discover computers based on IP subnets. The administration server did not have active directory, are workgroup.
I can't discover all the vlans
knowing that I can't find network resctriction
I have launched the ping in both directions (kaspersky & the client) it works perfectly
I can launch the installation manually or with the klshare but not with the server automatically because I can't find the devices when I launch the network discovery from the kasperscy security center

I have not found a solution I need help 

Ps: the kaspersky server (windows server 2012R2) and the other workstations (windows 7,10): they are workgroup

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Good day

some information about how device discovery works, check if some conditions are not met...


in short, KSC can perform three types of polling



1 and 2 are enabled by default, 3 is disabled and must be manually enabled.

I didn't quite understand which poll you used.

since you do not have an AD item, and you have a VLAN, then the Windows poll will not look there. try configuring

IP polling by specifying your networks...

1. Add subnets



2. Enable IP range polling, and set the polling start time.




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